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The Lauderdale Lakes Yacht Club of Elkhorn, WI was established in 1953. The first Commodore was Bill Pollack. The club has provided a variety of educational and entertaining activities throughout the years. Even though events and faces have changed, the desire to enjoy the Lauderdale chain of lakes, as well as each other's company has remained the same all these years. A catalog of past Yacht Club Commodores is shown at the bottom of this page.

The Yacht Club has over 300 members from in and around Lauderdale Lakes area. We have many great social activities such as the annual Cocktails with the Commodore, Taste of the Lakes, House Walk, Pig Roast, Golf Outing, Fall and Winter Parties and many other social events frequently featuring a special fun theme. LLYC also has many fundraisers for local charities.

The Yacht Club is the parent organization for the Lauderdale Lakes Sailing Club that has a variety of sailing related activities, and the Safety and Education Fund that sponsors the annual Fourth of July fireworks display. The LLYC is also co-sponsor of the annual Kids Fishing Derby.

We couple good times with community involvement. Everyone is welcome! Members don’t have to have a boat or live on the lake to join. For additional information on membership or activities, call or email one of our officers on the Contact link above.



Special thanks to Bob Brown and Jerry Petersen for permission to use text from their book: A History of the Lauderdale Lakes.


Before the settlers arrived during the Ice Age, between 12,000 and 15,000 years ago, a huge river of ice moved slowly down from Canada through Wisconsin. Like a giant broom, the great Wisconsin Glacier swept up rocks and debris in its path, depositing it in narrow ridges along the ground. The Glacier covered much of Wisconsin, and the deposits of rock and minerals left behind in its passing—up to 300 feet thick in places—created the Kettle Moraine area. The very name Kettle Moraine is derived from the hills (moraines) and hollows (kettles) that were left behind after the glacier moved on. Many kettles filled with water as the glacier melted and formed the area lakes of today, including Lauderdale Lakes, which vary in depth from ten to sixty feet.

After the glacier passed through the area, what is now the Lauderdale Lakes chain then consisted of a few small lakes and springs connected by small creeks. To this day, no outside water from streams or rivers enters our spring-fed lakes, with a combined surface area encompassing 841 acres of water. All the water in the lakes flows through Mill Lake to the outflow located between the Sterlingworth Store and the marina, and eastward into Honey Creek (called Mish-qua-woc by the Potawatomi tribe). Although Honey Creek is small and slow moving today, the early surveyors described it as having a rapid current. More than 150 years ago, the construction of a dam at the outflow of the creek was the initial step in raising the water levels of the lakes.

The "LL" property numbering system was agreed upon at the initial meeting of the Lauderdale Lakes Improvement Association in 1902. After careful consideration, the Association decided to superimpose a clock face over the map of the lakes, with the northernmost shoreline at the 12 o'clock position. Thus, the lake property numbers begin at the northernmost part of Green Lake, continuing in a clockwise direction, and end back on Green Lake. The subdivision of larger properties over the years has meant revisions to the numbering systems, which is why a single piece of land may have more than one LL number over its lifetime.

Beginning with LL 1, property numbers LL 1 through LL 50 are located on Green Lake, Continuing with numbers LL 51 through LL 91 on Middle Lake. Numbers LL 92 through 527 are on Mill Lake and Don Jean Bay. The numbers LL 528 to LL 793 continue on Middle Lake and through Bubbling Springs, with numbers LL 794 through LL 950 ending on Green Lake at the previous Girl Scout Camp.

We are always looking to expand and improve upon our historical information. If you have any corrections, comments or additions to submit, please do so in e-mail to Thank You.





Our Leadership


Commodore – Linda Johnson

Vice Commodore – Anthony Cecola

Rear Commodore – Vacant

Past Commodore - John (JJ) Jilek

Secretary – Cindy Klima

Treasurer – Anne LaBarge

Marketing – Julie Lawrence

Fireworks Commanders – Jeff Angst and Andy Brown

Safety & Education Committee – Deb Loeding,
Nancy Coleman, John and Janet Summers


Tracey & Dean Bostrom

Laura & Bill Harris

John and Janet Sommers

Tom Short

Renee Saban

Karen and Brad McKenzie

Corky and Eileen Corcoran

Marianne and Jim Kroeplin

Kim and Nancy Coleman

Patty and Dale Hargrave


Lorretta Auchinleck

Tom Short

Deb Loeding

Julie Lawrence

Peggy Eggert*

Laura Allen*

Barry Lutz*

Pete Spalding*

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